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Settling family matters that have gone out of hand is never easy, especially when done without proper legal help and guidance. Such emotionally distressing matters are complicated and require a family law attorney who is supportive and compassionate. At The Law Offices of Jenet G. Pequeno, LLC in Barrington, we completely understand the sensitivity of family-related legal issues. We are well aware that you are most likely to be concerned about your children, settlement amount, and division of property like home after the separation.

Our family law attorney has been providing legal services since 2004 to clients in Barrington, and is not only capable of guiding you to choose the right legal process, but also to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved. You can have the peace of mind that you have hired a family law attorney who is looking out for the best interest of your entire family.

Divorce and Family Law Firm serving Barrington, IL

Each family is different from others and has unique problems. At The Law Offices of Jenet G. Pequeno, LLC, we diligently work with our clients to understand the root of their problems and use our experience to come up with the best possible solution. We believe that such closely-tied relationship deserves to be given a lot of thought before any decision is made. We present our clients with all the possible legal options and help them understand court processes and legal principles, as well as how they will affect their family.

Our Barrington family law attorney can provide you with legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Child custody/parenting time – The decision of who will have the custody of children after the divorce is always difficult to make. We have experience in drafting custody agreements as per and can help you establish in front of the court that you can better fulfill the needs of your child.
  • Child support – We provide guidance to our clients for understanding the responsibilities of custodial and non-custodial parent, child support order, consequences of not making timely payments for child support, and other related principles and issues.
  • Divorce – We help our clients in understanding their rights during a divorce, and educate them of different methods of resolution. We provide you with legal advice regarding what is best for you.
  • Maintenance – After divorce, financially dependent spouse may need the support of financially dependent spouse. Our family law attorney can help you realize the intricacies involved in spousal maintenance and the best way to reach a resolution which is fair for both spouses.

Our Barrington Family Law Attorney can help with your Case

We have been representing clients in Barrington and other cities of Illinois for many years now, and know how to best handle each type of family law issues. Contact The Law Offices of Jenet G. Pequeno, LLC today at (847) 616-0980 to discuss your case and legal options.