Client Testimonials

Mr. Pequeno helped guide me through a very difficult time. His sound advice and direction helped me regain my ability to sleep at night. And he followed up on every step of the way to make sure I knew he had my best interests in mind. I would definitely recommend Jenet Pequeno to anyone seeking an honest and hardworking family law attorney, focused on helping a father retain his rights. I honestly dont know how I would have got through without him.

—  Family Law Client

Started the case back in April 2011, nothing was really getting done at first but after a few months. Mr. Pequeno got vistation done. We still were waiting for over night stays, we finally got them and other holiday this year. So after a year of court and going back an forth with the other party. Mr Pequeno was able to deliver what he was hired to do. After all we are happy with the outcome.

—  Frank

Mr. Pequeno assisted me during a difficult time to obtain a joint custody agreement between my son’s mother and I after we had split up. I went in for a consultation visit in early June 2011 and engaged his services by mid-June 2011. He kept me informed on my options to pursue and was diligent in ensuring that the legal steps we proceeded with were the best for the situation. By early September 2011 we had a joint custody agreement in place that is fair for both parties. I was content with his services and professionalism and am happy with the current agreement that is in place.

—  Andrew

He really broke down my options for dealing with my retroactive order. He informed of what the courts would and would not allow which helped me make a more informed decision. Thank you!

—  Child Support Client

Out of all of the attorneys that I have dealt with, Jenet is by far, the BEST. He cares about his clients, and his work shows his passion. Jenet is always quick to respond to his clients needs. He is quick, swift, caring, and most important, Jenet is HONEST. BY FAR THE BEST AT WHAT HE DOES!

—  Michael